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  • Le Colombier – London – 8.5/10 – £££ (dinner) – ££ (lunch)

    Lord Norberry-Grumpus suggested lunch at Le Colombier in Chelsea. A fabulous French eatery that has a top notch reputation. I cannot believe its omission from one’s previous blogs. I have visited on a number of occasions and the last visit sealed it as a restaurant that deserves to… Read More ›

  • Gymkhana – no horsing around 8/10

    Just around the corner from the Ritz Hotel, a little surprise awaits in the form of an Indian restaurant which is Michelin star no less. Now, any self-respecting Englishman would normally visit an Indian restaurant after a couple of pints in the pub after… Read More ›

  • Very very Social – 8.5/10

    Despite one’s groaning stomach after many excess festivities, one felt compelled to visit Pollen Street Social once a booking was secured.  Hurrah for London at this time of year for one can get cherished reservations that would normally be impossible. Your Doctor’s wish list has long… Read More ›

  • London, simply the best!

    Well mes amis. After an extended sojourn in the warm, humid climate of Florida with a dearth of good eateries one has now returned to Londinium. Did you wonder why the postings had finished. One was in Fort Lauderdale on which… Read More ›

  • Eat at Joes? – 7/10 – ££


  • Clove Club – £££ – 7.5/10 – City of London

      A row of Iberian ham hangs in the back window of this eatery which is located in a once less fashionable part of the City of London right next to Shoreditch Town Hall. The restaurant is one large airy room into which light… Read More ›

  • Le Gavroche – Best in London! – 10/10 – ££££

    If you live in or are visiting London and are in need of an epicurean experience then look no further. Le Gavroche, a two Michelin star, French restaurant based in Mayfair is perfection itself. It remains firmly at the top of your Doctor’s top 10 restaurants in… Read More ›

  • Whistler at Tate Britain 7.5/10

    One felt the need to do something cultural in London? Naturally lunch was in order. Hurrah for the Tate Britain which offers a super lunch in the Whistler Restaurant. Perfect for killing two birds with one stone. It is an elegant room adorned by a large mural painted… Read More ›

  • Stovell’s – 6/10 (7.5/10 without the Sommelier) – £££

    Lady Gemima and Lord Hugo Hammersley had suggested lunch in the English countryside near their country residence. Our trip was straight out of Downton Abbey. Lovely sunshine, the narrow, tree lined lanes meandering in the green rolling hills of the English countryside. Wondrous…. Read More ›

  • Updated – Top London restaurants

    In an effort to start making parts of one’s blog more useful one has updated the Doctor’s Top London restaurants listing. One is pondering whether Wild Honey should join the list having visited last week but a return visit is required in… Read More ›