The Doctor’s Tipple

Thank Bacchus! Your dear Doctor is partial to more than an occasional tipple despite the gout that latter years have bestowed upon him. As something of an expert on the subject, one can be assured of satisfaction.

Firstly, it is clear that one must always start with French wine. A perfect companion to any food and excellent to quoff with one of Cook’s scrumptious pies. So here is my link to the glorious French section to which I shall add in the fullness of time!

The wines of our colonial cousins are wholesome, full-bodied and full of flavour but can sometimes overwhelm and lack the graceful finesse of equally priced. Yet, fear not! Your dear Doctor will indeed be recommending some of these wines in recognition of the less mature and refined palates. So here, first and no doubt to your absolute astoundment are some wines from the Colonies.

There is one cocktail that surpasses them all. That is apart from the sublime New York made dry Martini, up with an olive. Tanqueray Ten please! However, your dear doctor is partial to other libations and so one should follow this link to the Doctor’s Favourite cocktails.

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