A well-travelled, young ragamuffin with his finger on the pulse of all the new “in” places. With eclectic tastes from the best pizza emporium to the Michelin starred bank balance destruction. If you are young and trendy then Guiffart is the man to follow.
Main Food Choices – A good steak, pizza, Chinese, Thai and the odd Michelin restaurant.
Favourite Restaurants – Polpo, Pizzeria Rustica. Actually your dear Doctor needs guidance from young Guiffart.

Roti Chai – 7/10

One remembers the 70’s. A time of flaired trousers, tank tops, platform shoes and flock paper in Indian restaurants. Alas and hurrah, those days have gone, the fashions of the 70’s are now curiosities in the Victoria and Albert clothing section and today’s… Read More ›

Mole and Chicken 7/10

Picture from the Mole and Chicken web site (merci!) Anyhow, back to the review of the Mole and Chicken. No it is not called thus because they serve mole & chicken pie. However this gastropub in Easington, Bucks offers some quite tasty fare in attractive… Read More ›

Dishoom delivers… 8/10 – ££

“Meet at 12.15 on Thursday at Dishoom” texted Pettigrow.  As a fellow gourmand and lunch companion extraordinaire, one knows that Pettigrow’s recommended rendezvous would prove a worthwhile sortie. Thursday was a sweltering, yet beautiful English summer’s day. One wished to be reclining in a deckchair in the countryside enjoying a cream… Read More ›