The nemesis of the “Superior Critic”

The eminent expert erupted with a resounding and confident boast

Of the painting’s great merits and hidden delights totally obscure to most


“The metaphysical structure and cadence, fuse with ethereal light

The allegoric reference to rapture draws one’s eye to the right

His contrapuntal alignment and motion emote a reference to life

an Orwellian depiction of his own inception of naked crepuscular night

In all my days, I’ve ne’er been so swayed as by this gem of contemporary art

It’s merits are clear to all who can see, emotive and straight from the heart ”


“I don’t understand” said the man at the back

“It seems so simplistic and dull

It signifies nothing as far as I see

It’s some dingy grey paint, a bit of old twig

and a mangy dead leaf from a tree”


The expert peered down his imperious nose with obvious surprise at his guest

His rebuff was belittling, his demeanour aloof. He knew that it was he who knew best


“Your shallow and ill-informed viewpoint is one to me not unknown”

And at length the expert reposted in a calm and superior tone

“The artist’s life was in turmoil and pain, having lived in penurious times”

And brandishing a monogrammed hanky, he peered at the man down his nose

then proceeded at length to regale the whole class of the artist, his life and his woes.


“He was a manic depressive who struggled with drink and with drugs

which makes this is all the more impressive since the company he kept was with thugs

The reference is allegoric, to any that plainly can see

to life as it is, life as it was and life when compared with a tree

It is simple, yet clear to any trained eye, a blatant and obvious call

The man in street may oft not entreat the artist’s great talent at all”


The small man at the back piped up once again

With a simple but poignant rebuke

“well that’s not how I see it, it’s not much to behold

And I don’t know the man or his penurious life

He shows little skill

And the concept’s so ill

And maybe I’m just getting old

But it’s just some dingy grey paint which one plainly can see

and a mangy dead leaf from a tree

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