The Inscrutable One

Japanese/Asian with Style!
One’s very dear and very healthy eating Japanese chum. He likes classy things and drinks Chablis or Nuits St. George. His taste is impeccable and he dines at the very best Japanese establishments and Michelin star restaurants. If he says the fish is good, the chef should get on his knees and kiss one’s chums feet.
Main Food Choices – Fish, fish, fish, fish and…..fresh vegetables and salad. CHABLIS!
Favourite Restaurants – Shiori, Ikeda

Every painted plate? – 8/10

Art lovers!! Shiori‘s chef, Takashi Takagi is an artist! Six courses of the tasting menu and each one a masterpiece framed on a beautiful plate. For £65 per head one commences with a tofu square in a dainty bowl, followed by a clear soup containing green leaves coated with a most… Read More ›

Who Kicks who?

Konnichiwa! Your Doctor is expanding his boundaries! Now dear readers, one knows that this might upset some of you to find that the Doctor is deserting a tried and trusted path but your Doctor recently took his repast at a… Read More ›