Top Restaurants – Ft. Lauderdale

The Doctor’s Choices – a guide to dining in Fort Lauderdale

One regularly visits Fort Lauderdale in the USA and has composed the list below of some of the more notable eateries there. Be warned, Michelin stars they are not but some do have some merit. One will endeavour to update this listing as one can but invites readers to assist in adding new establishments.

Greek Islands – possibly the most popular restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Bookings not taken. Join the queue and eat Greek salad and without a doubt the lamb chops are sublime. Do not be put off by the stewed look of the vegetables.

The Secret Garden – Pillars Hotel – the most classy and only restaurant in Fort Lauderdale that can truly be called elegant. One eats on the dock under the stars (at dinner of course dear readers!).

Trulucks – FreshSeafood with sensible portions for America. Unless one opts for a steak. Outrageously sized desserts for sharing.

Capital Grille – A steak restaurant. It may be a chain but your dear doctor was impressed by this formula when he first visited the original in Washington D.C many years ago. Superb steaks.

Seasons 52 – Excellent healthy option eatery with interesting and tasty small dessert options. It is large, busy and classy. One can highly recommend it.

J. Alexanders – Standard American steak house. Large portions, good steaks and of course…burgers.

Pelican Grand Hotel – strictly for lunch on a fine day to marvel at the view of the Beach and Ocean.

Eduardo San Angel – Mexican but with pretentions. Not your standard offerings, Cilantro soup and crispy duck are very tasty. Worth visiting.

Thasos – A newer, trendy and very attractive Greek restaurant to rival Greek Islands (see above).  The food is good but can be expensive. Excellent moussaka.

Ceviche – Peruvian, good quality, stylish restaurant with many styles of ceviche dishes. Fish to those that are ignorant of this style of cooking. Worth a visit.

Blue Moon Fish Co. – wonderful location by the intracoastal. One’s obvious choice for al fresco lunch with 2 for 1 offers. Excellent Bloody Mary’s but dear readers dinner was a disaster.

Casablanca – located in the very touristy beach area but the menu is interesting, varied and the food is of an acceptable bistro like quality.

J. Marks – Another standard American steak house, not as good as J. Alexanders.

Bonefish – Standard American style restaurant that specialises in fish. Do NOT go here early unless one likes eating in a crèche! beware the flying “soothers”.

Country Ham and Eggs – the doctor’s favourite place for Brunch due to the friendly staff and excellent corned beef hash. (yes one also does BRUNCH! Harrumph!)

Caps – quirky due to the short boat ride to an old “historic” shack restaurant once visited by Winston Churchill. The food is exceedingly average but it makes for an entertaining DINNER! (not lunch)

Chart House – yes dear readers, achain restaurant but one must admit the location by the intracoastal has merits and the food is of good quality.

Rosies – an effervescent lunchtime crowd who eat al fresco. One of the largest choices on the menu that one has ever seen. One took a whole lunch time to read it. Not food of the highest standard at all so do not come here for a gastronomic experience. Wraps, salads etc.

Thai Spice – Thai restaurant liked by many locals and if you crave Thai then it is the only choice. Enormous portions. Not your Doctor’s choice as it lacks finesse.


Galanga – Thai restaurant with modern overtones. Eat here if desperate for Asian food.

PIZZA Eateries

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza – no bookings but unbelievably popular. Busier than McSpigget’s on a Friday night.

Fort Lauderdale Pizza – sassy, more mature ladies serve with a smile and a joke. Very reasonable prices and one leaves having had some entertainment.

Big Louie’s Pizza – Renowned as being best for Pizza but one prefers the others listed.

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