Burgered about


The colonial land of America. Land of the free and also possessing a large number of cows. (About 98 million). Your doctor has been travelling and would like to share with you his view on American food. Apologies to one’s colonial friends in advance.

  1. One finds that steak is a very common item on menus.
  2. If the menu doesn’t contain steak, then that is because the eatery sells burgers instead.
  3. If one is not careful one will be given an accompanying sauce that will smother the flavour of the steak.
  4. The average portion will feed a family of four and there will still be something left for the dog.
  5. Salads are fresh and would be healthy if not smothered with lashings of pomegranate and raspberry sauce. Order wisely.
  6. Mixing fruit with savoury items is a common occurrence but such concoctions are best avoided.
  7. There is little in the way of finesse in American cooking. If it can have a complex, sweet sauce, then it is considered good.
  8. Fast food abounds and one can have “fries” with everything. Even the ice cream.
  9. If there really is no beef, then eat Pizza. It is everywhere. Calzone (pictured) is a pizza that is hiding its contents for a reason.
  10. The beer should mostly be avoided with the exception of Samuel Adams and Yeungling which have some merit
  11. Not all American restaurants are bad but most of them should be avoided.

So. There you have it. Maybe somewhat cruel one might think but it is quite close to the truth.

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