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Khan’s 3/10

Khan’s is a renowned Indian eatery in Queensway, London. It is cavernous with large pillars bedecked with faux palms. One remembers it was a magical, buzzy, bazaar-like emporium in one’s younger days. Queuing was de rigeur unlike tonight (Sunday). One soon realised why. No queue, no atmosphere. The waiter grunted as… Read More ›


One had not seen Hugh Groper for quite some time and his name may be news to one’s regular readers. He is a very good chum whose gastronomic exploits are equal to that of your dear Doctor, as attested by… Read More ›

Grumbling again

One has revisited Grumbles which one has previously reviewed so here is a brief overview of one’s latest visit. It is indeed a very good value, local eatery where the quality of the food is above what one would expect for… Read More ›

Something fishy going on

One remembers a darker time, when brigands, thieves and robbers roamed the streets of olde London towne. One feared for one’s wallet and possibly one’s life. Now, fortunately, Wandsworth is much safer and your Doctor fearlessly ventured across Wandsworth bridge… Read More ›

Burgered about

The colonial land of America. Land of the free and also possessing a large number of cows. (About 98 million). Your doctor has been travelling and would like to share with you his view on American food. Apologies to one’s… Read More ›

Just behind Her Majesty

In spite of so-called friends’ mockery of one’s healthy corpulence, the Doctor often lunches in some of London’s more healthy establishments. In recognition of this joyous year of celebration for Her Majesty’s diamond jubilee, your Doctor has decided to take… Read More ›