Khan’s 3/10

Khan’s is a renowned Indian eatery in Queensway, London. It is cavernous with large pillars bedecked with faux palms. One remembers it was a magical, buzzy, bazaar-like emporium in one’s younger days. Queuing was de rigeur unlike tonight (Sunday). One soon realised why. No queue, no atmosphere. The waiter grunted as he seated Fortescue and I. He grunted as he placed the menus on the table, no smile, no greeting, then he walked away. Gadzooks! What a poor show. Had a close relative died?

Then one had a shock. The large drink menu was alcohol free.  “In the interests of healthy eating”  and to make the restaurant more family friendly, it states on the Khan’s web site. Harrumph! Screaming children running around whilst eating one’s meal does not endear your Doctor to a restaurant. Alas, it was not a patch on one’s student days. All curry fans know that one should always have the accompaniment of a fine a pint of Indian beer.

The staff at McSpigget’s have more personality than the waiters here at Khan’s and at least McSpiggets has some life! One’s Chicken Jalfrezi was hot and swimming in green sauce and gadzooks, the chicken was tasteless. Thank heavens for the sauce which give it some piquancy at least. Service was speedy for which one was thankful in this soulless restaurant. Mayhap it is busier on a Friday or Saturday for one was in and out in half an hour. Admittedly this is a cheap eatery but one’s tastes have matured. One’s advice is simple go elsewhere for curry. One pitys any tourists for whom this is sold as a “must visit” destination. Your Doctor will not darken its door again.

13-15 Westbourne Grove,
W2 4UA
Tel: 020 7727 5420

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  1. Thanks for the warning. I do remember it fondly but have not been for many years and will not recommend it to my Italian visitors when they arrive this weekend.

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