Mes Braves!  A delay in writing up this review but please afford a man in the early stages of retirement a modicum of space. One’s review of Addesso follows sans delai!

A second visit to Addesso in Richmond in as many weeks affords a balanced appraisal of its merits. This Italian eatery is larger than it appears and as with modern motor vehicles there is extra room in back. One had eaten here with Fortescue on the occasion of going to the England Rugby international at Twickers against les Bleus!

This was an impromptu Sunday lunch with Darcy Talbot and Dai L’Affin who were in town from Wales. On one’s first visit one beheld a merry throng of England supporters quoffing Amarone at £45 a bottle as if the world was about to end. What happened to good old Guinness? However as it seems with rugby people, they seemed liked a set of fine people and what taste they had. Hurrah! What would they have been drinking if they had been football fans one must ask!

Today, it was as quiet and less interesting. One had a chance to examine the restaurant more closely. Square dark wood tables and hanging near the entrance are some plastic salamis and hams which initially seem quite well done but upon closer inspection are somewhat tacky. The waiting staff gave friendly welcome and the restaurant is….cosy.

The simple menu is offers more than pizza or pasta but one was here for Spaghetti Carbonara which had been a triumph the first time. On the menu it proclaims “no cream”. It was once again excellent with the pasta cooked slightly al dente.

However one’s companions were not so lucky. The mushroom soup was thin and lukewarm. Calamari was slightly anaemic. One cannot really say more than this is a friendly local eatery but one should not consider it for an evening of fine dining.

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  1. Ah yes that longed for time hence when I too can retire with the word semi infront or the word total.
    So my lunch this week consisted of tasting Burrito’s for our latest venture into a station in London for our brand Wrapid..being an Englishman best not mention the to Doctor Lunch I will be sampling my latest find with him soon to gain his expert opinion.

  2. Hi Doctor Lunch. Hope you’re doing well. I have been to this restaurant a few times with my Badminton buddies and on a very cold winter evening it was very pleasant. The food was very good the 1st time but on the 2nd occasion we were so absorbed in our conversation that I paid it less attention. Nice atmosphere so worth returning I think. Bye for now. Mae

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