A tout le monde

Down by the Riverside

A large dose of culture is always a boon to one’s libido even though the old grey matter might be somewhat more pickled these days.  So, in cahoots with Fortescue one abandoned the big smoke of olde London towne and ventured to Houghton Hall to see the… Read More ›

Black & Blue – 7/10

One should know that one has not been in the wars. Black & Blue is a chain of meat focussed eateries. A chain, but with solid standards. One found oneself confronted by a large red cow outside the restaurant entreating passers by… Read More ›


Mes Braves!  A delay in writing up this review but please afford a man in the early stages of retirement a modicum of space. One’s review of Addesso follows sans delai! A second visit to Addesso in Richmond in as… Read More ›


One had not seen Hugh Groper for quite some time and his name may be news to one’s regular readers. He is a very good chum whose gastronomic exploits are equal to that of your dear Doctor, as attested by… Read More ›

Burgered about

The colonial land of America. Land of the free and also possessing a large number of cows. (About 98 million). Your doctor has been travelling and would like to share with you his view on American food. Apologies to one’s… Read More ›

Who Kicks who?

Konnichiwa! Your Doctor is expanding his boundaries! Now dear readers, one knows that this might upset some of you to find that the Doctor is deserting a tried and trusted path but your Doctor recently took his repast at a… Read More ›