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  • French but not’s Montreal

    So Fortescue and your dear Doctor had a week’s drive through the beautiful countryside of Vermont to see the leaves turning some wonderful hues of yellow, red and brown.. It’s a beautiful sight and well worth a trip. The fallen leaves provide employment for… Read More ›

  • Steak on Air Street – 8/10 – £££

    APOLOGIES…that is a burger and chips up there. Not a steak from the restaurant or even a burger from the restaurant. It’s just that one forgot to take any photos and needed something to convince you that this was a restaurant review. If… Read More ›

  • Bentley’s is still fishy – 8/10 – £££

    When you see ice in a urinal in the gents you know you are in a classy establishment. Sorry ladies but it is something that gentleman can have fun with!..ahem. Bentley’s was one of those traditional olde worlde English fish establishments… Read More ›

  • Michelin but not Michelin 8/10

    Clermont Ferrand is not the most glamorous of towns but it was on our route so we paid a visit. Besides it got yet another cathedral and it is not that pretty! This one is made of black rock from the town of Volvic, yes, the town famed… Read More ›

  • Wizard ice cream – St Pancras

    So, it’s hot. What should you do? Well if you are passing by St. Pancras station in London then you will find young Stephano Gustonovic Minaloski has a stunning new concept for ice cream. Take any ingredient you can think  of (within… Read More ›

  • Off the Chartres – 8.5/10 – £££

    So, if you whizz to Chartres, just a short jaunt to the southwest of Paris, you will find the great French Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. It was constructed between 1194 and 1250 and is well worth a visit as it has… Read More ›

  • Ne m’oubliez pas

    So, here it is mes amis. One’s first post in many moons. One has been…ahem…..away. Not to the clink or anything suspect but on a few extended trips to see the delights of the USA, France, Spain, Italy and Croatia. One was… Read More ›

  • The Doctor is an Anglophile – 8.5/10 -£££

    So, one has been travelling. A lot! Through cathedral cities of France to monastic Spanish Paradores, to the pintxo bars of San Sebastian and the artistic delights of Bilbao. From Washington DC down through the Blue Ridge mountains to Florida via the… Read More ›

  • A cunning Roux’s – 9/10 – £££ (lunch) – dinner (££)

    Le Colombier – London – 8.5/10 – £££ (dinner) – ££ (lunch) So after my statement that maybe Le Colombier (see review) rather than Le Gavroche may be the best lunch deal in olde Londinium, one is trying another Michel Roux establishment namely Roux at… Read More ›