Who gives a hoot? – White Barn Inn – 8.5/10

Lobster, lobster and yet more lobster…In Maine one cannot escape it’s claw-like grip. It’s in gift shops and cafes, on t-shirts and sweaters. So you can guess the main(e) course at the White Barn Inn. Yes it was the signature dish served with home made fettucini.  Fortunately, one is rather fond of lobster and having dined there, one is also fond of the White Barn Inn. Read on dear friends!

The restaurant is tucked away in the picture postcard town of Kennebunkport, Maine (in the United States dear readers! Yes, one was still in America.. NO, one is not speaking with an American twang! Heavens, one is English!).  The White Barn Inn is an institution. It has AAA Five Diamonds to its name so one would expect something special. We arrived in our car amid the snow-covered fir trees with the White Barn Inn looking very welcoming. The Maitre d’ opened the door and greeted us with a friendly smile, then having taken our coats he whisked us through to the elegant cocktail bar. This time, Fortescue and I were “in tow” in the home patch of our epicurean chums “Martini” Tomasino  and Cranleigh. The bartender placed their cocktails in front of them without asking. Cranleigh had a Cosmo and Tomasino…of course had a Gin Martini as did your Doctor. “Up with an olive”.

It’s a jolly fine place and we surveyed the elegant dark wood interior. Even the floor was dark wood and it was highly polished, like a mirror such that Narcissus would find it very hard to eat here. The restaurant was originally two old barns and it creates a wonderful olde world atmosphere and it is enhanced by a large picture window to the outside which was decorated with a large pumpkin and real snow-covered fir trees. One thought a troop of Santa’s elves might descend upon us at any moment to entertain us. The restaurant was not full, however it was the night after Thanksgiving and stomachs were now doubt still groaning. We, merry band of brothers, as stalwarts of fine dining had to eat here as this was the last opportunity for us before heading back to blighty.

One chose beef carpaccio served with Daikon radish and a frisee salad which was a most tasty accompaniment. The lobster spring roll looked good. Main course was the aforementioned lobster and it was as expected, sweet and succulent. One was most impressed. To finish a rather naughty soufflé with blueberries. All of these are shown dear readers in the daguerreotypes.  It was a most elegant meal and all were happy with their choices.  The night turned into something more jolly when the young man behind us dropped to one knee behind us and proposed to the young lady at the table. How quaint, how romantic and in the perfect setting to do so.  Alas, we didn’t applaud, we regretted this after but felt that it might break the spell. One wishes them well.
We finished the meal and one must admit to feeling somewhat sleepy and replete after all the Thanksgiving festivities. We all felt rather like the man in the picture which one spotted on the wall at the Inn.

Mes amis, one looks forward to a return to this eatery which by the way is also a spa and hotel for those wishing for an elegant getaway or an ideal location for the odd marriage proposal or two. In the meantime, one is envious of Tomasino and Cranleigh who live just around the corner.

The White Barn Inn
37 Beach Avenue
Kennebunk Beach
ME 04043
Tel: +1 207 967 2321


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  1. By Jove you do get around , then there is poor old me struggling with caviar, champagne and canapés for tonight’s event…cheers old bean

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