ABC Kitchen – 7/10

Two distinguished looking gentlemen tumbled into the trendy ABC Kitchen clutching their petite, faux-leopardskin umbrellas. No one took a blind bit of notice, this was New York after all. Drenched from head to toe by the ravages of a New York downpour… Read More ›

One’s US outpost

As one’s followers may have surmised, your Doctor has a established a small English outpost in Fort Lauderdale in the United States to which he returns regularly. The sun and the sea are a great attraction. As such a new Fort Lauderdale page has been added with recommendations… Read More ›

Lacking Lauderdale

Gadzooks no!! for those of one’s devotees that think the dear Doctor has popped off the mortal coil, one can be assured that he is still alive and very much… eating.  One’s absence is accounted for by an extended sojourn in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  One may offend… Read More ›

What a Circus!

Le Cirque had languished on the Doctor’s wish list for too long and so when one’s American chums Baddenoch and Cranleigh suggested  a luncheon there,  one duly accepted with alacrity. Obfuscated by a modern, yet impressive glass building one entered expectantly. The modern and eye bashing bar is the first thing one sees before… Read More ›

Burgered about

The colonial land of America. Land of the free and also possessing a large number of cows. (About 98 million). Your doctor has been travelling and would like to share with you his view on American food. Apologies to one’s… Read More ›