What a Circus!

Le Cirque had languished on the Doctor’s wish list for too long and so when one’s American chums Baddenoch and Cranleigh suggested  a luncheon there,  one duly accepted with alacrity. Obfuscated by a modern, yet impressive glass building one entered expectantly. The modern and eye bashing bar is the first thing one sees before entering the main restaurant and… lord love a duck!! One is taken aback by the large and impressive, circus-like tent above.  This is quite impressive, if a little over the top, but this is America and everything has to be bigger, better, glitzier and ritzier!

Tomasino and Cranleigh were already seated. Accompanied by a large, well-bred Martini and a blushing pink Cosmopolitan. At 12.30pm it would have been churlish not to join them and naturally, a very dry Tanqueray Martini, (“up with an olive”) was de rigeur. Surveying the spacious eatery, fellow diners were smart and well-heeled. One felt at home. The staff were efficient as they buzzed around but not exactly welcoming in the way one expected in America. Better however than the plebeian wenches in Mc Spiggets’s miserable establishment.

We supped our cocktails and ate the very fresh, tasty bread whilst perusing the varied and interesting menu. Begorrah!  Skate! Your Doctor adores skate! No contest mes amis, one ordered the skate. The fish was presented, served…OFF the bone. Heavens! a filleted skate, surely the chef had lost his mind. The Inscrutable One would have walked out at that very moment. However your Doctor, impressed by the presentation of the fish which oozed unctuous black butter and capers and so tucked in. It was delicious, full of that meaty, fishy flavour which one expects. Cranleigh also chose skate having started with the Le Cirque Salad and Tomasino chose the black bass as a main. It was a well concocted meal with oodles of class. We were all content.

It was so good that it has gone straight into your Doctor’s top 10 at no. 3 which is possibly over generous but…it was in New York!

Le Cirque
One Beacon Court
151 E 58th St
New York,
NY 10022


Tel: +1 212.644.0202

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