Ensnared by a chain

As one knows your Doctor is ever impressed by these foreign Johnnies who can really astound one with their culinary expertise. Should one find oneself in Parsons Green one might chance upon Cote, another branch of the French bistro chain situated opposite the Underground. Yes, dear reader a CHAIN restaurant! One knows that your dear tries not to stoop to such depths and oft frequents the bawdy, olde tavern known as McSpiggets. However, Cote is  most efficacious for the impecunious and your Doctor is always looking for a deal. Here, they serve food of excellent, wholesome quality and should one venture here before 7pm there is also a special priced menu for just nine English pounds and ninety five new pence.

However, comme d’habitude, one chose the 7oz fillet steak which is always so reliable and of excellent quality and accompanied by perfectly cooked french fries (as this is a french restaurant one feels it is appropriate to refer to them as such). This visit, one also refused the scrumptious Pissaladiere which can be in classic guise or topped with delicious melting Reblochon of which Monsieur Marcel in his Fromagerie would be most proud.

One always drinks Ch. Treviac. A full-bodied French wine which although not of the finesse of a Ch. Margaux is reliable and sports a silver medal from a respected wine competition. One cannot find wine of such quality in McSpigget’s and his damnable tavern and one thought of the upcoming “gourmet night” which he has advertised which supposedly will have some wines to savour. One will regale you of the evening in due course!

A final pointer which one really must highlight. The staff are ever welcoming, friendly and well-trained and one is most fond of this eatery. One wholeheartedly recommends this to one’s chums and alas although one is marking this down as “privé” one fears that it will ever be frequented by the many. Was the Doctor dining alone?..harrumph..one cannot disclose such information!


45-47 Parsons Green Lane,

Tel: 020 7736 844


Categories: Doctor Lunch, London, Private! - Dr. Lunch only, Stable (££)

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