A call to arms!

One’s week has been enchantingly bereft of lunch so it is once again time for a sortie to The Goring. One good point to come out of the week is that some of one’s chums are beginning to share information on their dining experiences, alerting one to interesting venues and other epicurean delights. This is greatly appreciated and Doctor Lunch encourages it! Please feel free to hit the comment button at any point and give one’s feedback!

Emsworth in particular (see one’s squids in review) has sent details of a new web site called Cucumber TV on this interweb site http://www.coolcucumber.tv/ and it really is rather good. Roy Ackerman in episode 26 could almost be Doctor Lunch! Lucky man.

Your Doctor has been inspired by episode 26 on the coolcucumber site to visit Wolfgang Puck’s Cut restaurant in Mayfair and one will be ready to burn a hole in one’s meagre credit offered by those dastardly moneylenders. Oh for a return of Shylock and the Rialto, “the quality of mercy is not strained…!” ahem….Cut  has been added to the wishlist and one hopes to enlighten one’s readers in due course!

Categories: Anecdotes

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