Gastronomic with a star

Tucked away in a residential street just behind Fulham Broadway is a Michelin star Gastropub. The only one in London no less. It is a joy and so are the helpful and friendly staff! But beware! Parking in this area is not a joy. Do not go before 8pm if you are in a vehicular contraption. Dastardly wardens are everywhere and pounce from behind the bushes when you least suspect it.

But the food, oh the food is heavenly and well worth a parking ticket which is what one of the other diners managed to obtain. Yes, you may have surmised this was dinner, not luncheon. One has to eat you know and there is only so much on offer at McSpiggets Tavern besides the weevils in the bread.

The pigeon starter served on a wooden platter was cooked to pink perfection. The shot in the breast, proof of its authenticity.  Your Doctor then went gamey and had roe deer which was an incredibly tasty and filling portion.

The ambiance was cool, sophisticated and charming but mostly it was a pub with a great atmosphere. A restaurant first and foremost with a pub tacked on. Fortescue suffered as he is not a game lover. Meat and two veg is his bag and faces were pulled! Bah! Piffle and tosh I say. He must extend his boundaries, push the envelope and your dear Doctor will not desist until he orders a poussin without being forced..Hah! there one has said it….harrumph!

The Harwood Arms

Walham Grove

Tel: 0207 386 1847

Categories: Doctor Lunch, English, London, Mild Shock (£££), Private! - Dr. Lunch only

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