One oft gets the urge to expound on something one has seen or heard and thought that it might be cathartic to share such matters with you, dear readers.


And so “The Theory” arrives. One does hope it might deliver a modicum of pleasure to one’s readers.

The Theory



Here’s a little ditty that might elucidate a sage nod of the head by the cognoscenti.

The nemesis of the “superior critic”


One recently was told of a poem written in 1919 with the extraordinary title of “Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan”. It was written by Vachel Lindsay about the 1896 electoral campaign in the old colonies. One doesn’t know any Bryan’s but if I was so acquainted did then one would be enough! The ditty can be found here which is reasonably entertaining and here is the opening as a teaser.

“In a nation of one hundred fine, mob-hearted, lynching, relenting, repenting millions, 
There are plenty of sweeping, swinging, stinging, gorgeous things to shout about, 
And knock your old blue devils out.

I brag and chant of Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan”



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