He’s a very close chum. His main penchant is for good old-fashioned home cooking, school dinners, meat and two veg. You know the score. Calories do not bother him and he is not attracted to uber-trendy restaurants. Juicy steaks and roasts are his staple. Pasta is a rarity and only eaten under duress.
Main Food Choices – MEAT, Steak & chips, pork pies, lamb cutlets, fish & chips, old-fashioned desserts. Dislikes Pasta, salad anything without calories.
Favourite Restaurants: La Genova, Brady’s Fish & Chips

Mole and Chicken 7/10

Picture from the Mole and Chicken web site (merci!) Anyhow, back to the review of the Mole and Chicken. No it is not called thus because they serve mole & chicken pie. However this gastropub in Easington, Bucks offers some quite tasty fare in attractive… Read More ›

Down by the Riverside

A large dose of culture is always a boon to one’s libido even though the old grey matter might be somewhat more pickled these days.  So, in cahoots with Fortescue one abandoned the big smoke of olde London towne and ventured to Houghton Hall to see the… Read More ›

Black & Blue – 7/10

One should know that one has not been in the wars. Black & Blue is a chain of meat focussed eateries. A chain, but with solid standards. One found oneself confronted by a large red cow outside the restaurant entreating passers by… Read More ›

Steak on Air Street

One stumbled on a most interesting piece of information that on Mondays Hawksmoor restaurants charge just £5 corkage if one brings one’s own bottle. Hurrah that presents an excellent opportunity to plunder one’s wine cellar and enjoy a first class… Read More ›

Grumbling again

One has revisited Grumbles which one has previously reviewed so here is a brief overview of one’s latest visit. It is indeed a very good value, local eatery where the quality of the food is above what one would expect for… Read More ›