Mole and Chicken 7/10

Mole and Chicken
Picture from the Mole and Chicken web site (merci!)
Anyhow, back to the review of the Mole and Chicken. No it is not called thus because they serve mole & chicken pie. However this gastropub in Easington, Bucks offers some quite tasty fare in attractive and convivial surroundings. Yes, mes amis, one does venture outside London!
It was a dark, wet and windy night as we arrived and fortunately found a space for the old jalopy near the pub. A short version of the four minute mile was required to ensure that one wasn’t drenched. (No brolly!) then one opened the door to a wood beamed haven. Spared from the elements one launched into a large pinot grigio.
Durdle, one’s bald-headed but distinguished companion managed to knock his Campari on and soda onto the floor. The staff leapt into action, cleared up the mess and replaced it for free. What service. Well done team!
We were seated at a very cosy table in the buzzing restaurant. Between us we chose starters of squid with artichoke. The squid was cooked perfectly. Herring roes were apparently wonderful. Oh yes, no surprise Fortescue was there and chose steak for main course. One less surprise… See his profile (and those of one’s other chums)  here. Maybe your tastes coincide. One had chicken which satisfactory but not necessarily the best choice and Durdle chose fish and chips with which he was most pleased. Dalrymple, yes he of the Scottish faith was also a happy bunny with his steak.  Honeycomb and cinnamon ice cream to finish for two of our party and that was the end of what was a most enjoyable experience at a very reasonable price. Worth a visit if one was in the vicinity, not worth a specific trip. Only the Sir Charles Napier warrants that in this area. Not been yet? Harrumph!
Mole and Chicken
Nr Long Crendon,
HP18 9EY
Tel: 01844 208 387

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