Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Yes, yes, yes, one knows that it is a long way off but Xmas has already arrived in all the shop windows on the streets of Londinium. Even McSpigget’s wants one to book early for their Xmas Xtravaganza! Harrumph! Monsieur Marcel is selling “Marcel’s Cheesy Bits” in festive wrapping. However the title does somewhat put one off! One will let him keep his bits to himself.

One may have noticed that your Doctor has a wish list of places that he would like to visit. It can be seen as a link up there on the menu along with other items of interest.  Maybe there are some of you out there that have visited these fine eateries already and can comment? Possibly you believe that one is missing out and should add something to the wish list…In any case , one has set out the current list below. No complaints please for those not in Londinium. After all your dear Doctor does live in London. However, one can always make some suggestions for the Doctor’s next grand tour.


  • Picture restaurant – 10 Great Portland Street. 0207 637 7892
    Formans London 020 8525 2365 – Smoked things. Near the Olympic Stadium.
    The Bull Steak Expert London 020 7242 0708
    Clos Maggiore London 020 7379 9696
    Cut London 020 7493 4554 (Dorchester Hotel. Wolfgang Puck’s pricey Steak restaurant)
    Zoilo – 9 Duke Street London W1U 3EG – 020 7486 9699
    The Delaunay London 020 7499 8558 Brasserie
    Restaurant Story – 201 Tooley Street, London SE1 (020-7183 2117) – Love the web site.
    Little Social – 5 Pollen St, W1 – 020 7870 3730 – Jason Atherton is flavour of the month.
    Social Eating House – 58 Poland St. London W1 – 020 7993 3251 – See Jay Rayner’s review – It’s Mr Atherton againCorwall & Devon
  • The Seahorse Dartmouth 01803 835147 – Winner of Guardian 2012 restaurant awards


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