The Doctor’s Chums

One’s chums are very dear to your Doctor. They all have different views on what constitutes a good restaurant.  Each of them characterises a real person with real tastes. So try and identify with one of the Doctor’s chums and you will likely be able to find restaurants that will suit you. Each of their choices can be found by using the Chum’s choices filter on the top menu.

Simple food with traditional taste then Fortescue would be your ideal soul mate. Find out more about him here or use the filter option above to find his restaurant choices.

Refined fare, of course there are your dear Doctor’s to recommendations. Equally Sir Cosmo has some wonderful choices.

Casual dining, a bistro, a trendy new start up eatery – then Guiffart and Sir Stephano are your men.

Indian then Masterton is your man but be prepared to see a few Michelin starred choices.

Asian/Japanese then follow The Inscrutable One.


The other players and locations in one’s life

McSpigget – A commercially minded, cheapskate landlord whose sole aim is to extract money from the poor soles who frequent his hostelry.

McSpigget’s – The hostelry owned by McSpigget. Tis a sawdust covered Dickensian, wooden-floored bordello of a place. Rowdy on a Friday and Saturday night with buxom serving wenches clanking pewter beer tankards and slamming inedible food on customer’s tables.

Monsieur Marcel (and his fromagerie) – French owner of Monsieur Marcel’s fromagerie. One’s favourite cheese emporium in olde London towne.

Cook – Dear old stick she is. Plump and with a stern face. Her cooking style dates back to the 60’s (1860’s that is). She is however amenable to the odd suggestion by your dear Doctor.

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  1. Lunch yesterday at Barbecoa. The steak tartare propels itself to the top of the raw steak list in London. Only to be matched (as equal but different) by the spectacular offering at Gessler at Daquise. Saturday night will include the full tasting menu at HKK. Wish me well.


  1. Mole and Chicken « Doctor Lunch

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