The Doctor’s Top 10

The Doctor’s Top 10 Restaurants – ahem..mostly London

One recognises the distinct penchant for London in these recommendations but mes amis your Doctor is an Englishman living in London! He is however happy to hear from friends around the globe who may have an eatery to share with him.
Those listed below highlighted in blue are linked to one’s review. Now these are not the cheapest restaurants in town so beware!

  1. COSTES – (Budapest, Hungary)
    Well this surprised me as much as you. A long way to go but read the review and you will see why this comes out top. Well worth a visit if you are visiting this much loved European City.
  2. LE GAVROCHE (London)
    In London there is no better restaurant for lunch but make it  long and leisurely. Tis delightful, tis French, the quality is high, the service is impeccable and if Michel Roux is there be sure to say hello. He is such a decent chap despite now being a TV celebrity.
  3. LE CIRQUE (New York)
    One has been to many restaurants in New York. This one is expensive but the chef knows what he is doing. One has only been once but it was memorable enough to be included one’s top 10.
  4. THE GREENHOUSE (London)
    One has had some incredibly memorable meals here. The small garden walk to the entrance on a balmy summer evening sets the magical tone and the quality has risen immeasurably since Arnaud Bignon took the reins. One’s last meal there was truly memorable for the food. This may melt one’s plastic somewhat so why not try the lunch instead?
  5. THE LEDBURY (London)
    An uber sophisticated restaurant with well-presented food which has the odd surprise here and there. Very high standards to match the prices. Not so easy to get to but this is a destination restaurant.
  6. L’ENCLUME – UK – (Cartmel, North of England near the Lake District)
    Now, this really isn’t easy to get to as it is in the Lake District. You can stay above the restaurant and there are some packages available for 2 night stays. Well worth it as the tiny village of Cartmel is a delight.
  7. THE GORING HOTEL (London)
    This could really be number one as the Doctor has visited here more times than he can remember. However, normally one eats in the bar and has one of their club sandwiches which are stupendous. The restaurant is more classy and does daily specials such as steak and kidney pudding.
  8. DAQUISE (London)
    Well this one is there is a surprise and very polished it is too. Order their steak tartare or breaded pork chop and you can’t go wrong. Perfect for lunch or dinner and this one won’t break the bank. Easy to get to if one takes the Piccadilly line to South Kensington as it is nearly next door.
  9. ARBUTUS (London)
    A very clean, upmarket interior with very tasty and inventive food. It’s got a Michelin star but it’s great value for such quality and right in the centre of Soho.
  10. BELLAMY’S (London)
    An old style restaurant with a modern twist. It has an oyster bar and the restaurant serves a mix of French and English food. Nothing too fussy but just great quality food is served to a knowledgeable classy clientele. This won’t break the bank either despite the location.

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  1. Of Dr Lunch’s 24 best restaurants in London, only one serves non-European food. Really? Is that possible?

    • My dear Sir Cosmo,
      Indeed you are right. However, there is a certain hindrance to my ability to enjoy non-European food. As you know, Fortescue is not the most adventurous of eaters and one does not like to eat on one’s own. Should you be happy to suggest some suitable eateries, then one would be happy to join you! 🙂


  1. Gotta gota Otto’s 8/10 « Doctor Lunch

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