Wizard ice cream – St Pancras

So, it’s hot. What should you do? Well if you are passing by St. Pancras station in London then you will find young Stephano Gustonovic Minaloski has a stunning new concept for ice cream. Take any ingredient you can think  of (within reason dear friends) and his new ice cream machine can turn it into  a delicious and surprisingly good ice cream. When your dear Doctor recently tried it we had carrot sorbet, blueberry and coffee bean ice creams. Not mixed! One last heard he was trying to make a lemon curd ice cream. All super stuff and in this weather well worth a look. Get your bottoms down to St. Pancras and head for the ice cream cart at Sourced market café. Tell them Doctor Lunch sent you for a free quizzical look!

Categories: Anecdotes, London


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  1. Well thank you, free ice cream next time you sail thru!!


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