Fortescue says

Well..apparently I have been told by young Fortescue to add more exciting instalments to our tally of destinations…..so here we are in the Condrieu area of France drinking the best French wine on offer. Damn…another sunny day..

Ne m’oubliez pas

So, here it is mes amis. One’s first post in many moons. One has been…ahem…..away. Not to the clink or anything suspect but on a few extended trips to see the delights of the USA, France, Spain, Italy and Croatia. One was… Read More ›

Good recommendations part II

One recently had a pop at jolly old Trip Advisor (See Good recommendations..) highlighting its less than reliable, poorly vetted recommendations. The recommendations of the World’s Top 50 restaurants 2015 were equally lame. They included one of your Doctor’s least favourite restaurants which was given… Read More ›