Lazy bones

Well, one might suggest that Doctor Lunch is getting lazy but one’s gastronomic friend (the Mighty DZ) from across the pond in les etas unis has sent a link to a very interesting article on the interweb.  It is written by a… Read More ›

A wizard wheeze

Here’s a wheeze. One has made it a little easier for one’s readers to find one’s reviews on the blog. One can now winnow down the restaurants by cost, location (ish) and also check out the choices of one’s best chums with their individual… Read More ›

Dear Santa

Yes, yes, yes, one knows that it is a long way off but Xmas has already arrived in all the shop windows on the streets of Londinium. Even McSpigget’s wants one to book early for their Xmas Xtravaganza! Harrumph! Monsieur… Read More ›

The Doctor graces Cardiff

It was into the olde sharabang and orf we trundled down the M4, destination Cardiff. (it’s in Wales for you chaps and chapesses overseas..ahem). One’s thoughts returned to a visit to Cardiff seventeen years earlier. The memories were of a grim, dirty… Read More ›

Who are the protagonists?

One has found that one’s chums have varying tastes. As such some eateries are more in favour with say Sir Cosmo or Fortescue than with the Inscrutable one or Guiffart. One has therefore have compiled a brief synopsis of their tastes which is found on… Read More ›

Mustn’t Grumble

Weather be blowed and humbug I say, one shall not be stayed by the rain! And so one ventured out into the blustery wastelands of Pimlico with one’s brolly today to return to the comforting, wooden interior of Grumbles restaurant…. Read More ›

Tasty Geyser (ville)

One’s thanks to one’s chum McWeedle for a reminder of the wonderful Ridge Geyserville 2000. A delightful full-bodied wine from…ahem…the colonies. To be reviewed, I am sure sometime in September! Watch this space dear readers.