The Doctor graces Cardiff

It was into the olde sharabang and orf we trundled down the M4, destination Cardiff. (it’s in Wales for you chaps and chapesses overseas..ahem). One’s thoughts returned to a visit to Cardiff seventeen years earlier. The memories were of a grim, dirty city which one was glad to leave for the relative cleanliness of McSpigget’s sawdust covered eatery! How surprised was one to see a clean, sparkling, modern town centre. T’was a transformation and most welcome as one was to be here for a week honing one’s skills on the golf course. Plus fours and waistcoat to the ready.

An odd visit or three had been organised to various eateries of which one had heard good things. Bully’s and The Potted Pig were reserved. One will write of the individual experiences in due course. However, suffice to say that they were interesting, good….but not that exemplary. T’was a shame as great things had been expected. Possibly one has been spoiled by the high standards set in the Metropolis.

Nevertheless, one did find The Meating Place which had a quirky approach to serving it’s meat on skewers suspended above one’s table.
More to come mes amis. One has now returned to the smokey olde towne and will write up a short missive on each in the week ahead!

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