No Bully’s – 6/10 – ££

Yes one has been remiss…again!!  Here is one’s review of a quaint restaurant in Wales. Bully’s is tucked away in a back street in Cardiff . The menu sounded scrumptious and reviews were effusive. Your dear Doctor and his SIX companions descended upon the restaurant en masse. One is immediately struck by the quirky yet welcoming atmosphere. There are odd chairs and banquettes, the walls are festooned with artwork, daguerreotypes and mirrors and the music played a selection of old time classics.

The host (one assumed this was Russell Bullimore) was most welcoming and talked expertly on his food and the wines he had on offer. What a build up!

Your Doctor ordered foie gras with gingerbread Pac-men (yes Pac-men!) and Welsh beef cooked over pumice stone. One was salivating at the thought of what was to come. Others ordered crayfish tail with rocket salad or turbot.

A hearty conversation ensued with Russell (one thinks it was he) about what should be imbibed. He was knowledgeable and effusive, his enthusiasm was catching. The wine list seemed expensive with the exception of the monthly specials but we chose a white Italian Friulano (the last bottle, harrumph!) which was full-flavoured and delicious. The French red was not that impressive and AstonBachelor in particular left his share to Pinkerton and oneself. Our second choice, a full-bodied French Bordeaux was better.

We ate, we drank, we chatted, we left. The post mortem started the next day and we all agreed that Russell had built up our expectations and then failed to deliver. For your Doctor the gingerbread pac-man was too sweet and didn’t work well with the foie gras. The pumice stone used to cook the steak had overpowered the delicate flavour of the tender Welsh beef. The goat’s cheese millefeuille (see daguerreotype) was insubstantial and not a great hit with Remington. The inscrutable one had been unable to eat the samphire served with his turbot due to its extreme saltiness. Your doctor had tasted it and concurred.

The Welsh cheese – six different ones (together with tasting notes) was nothing out of the ordinary and seemed expensive at £9.50. A disappointing excursion to what could have been delightful. Maybe an off night? Maybe one’s readers should try it and report back!

5 Romilly Crescent,
CF11 9NP
Tel: 02920 221905

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