For what does one hanker?

One may have noticed that when your dear doctor visits the land of the United States, the number of posts diminishes. This is indeed because in Fort Lauderdale, the incidence of high class eateries is somewhat limited. The food also very much fits with one’s previous post on the subject that one can read here. Apologies to one’s American chums who have access to the great restaurants in such great cities as New York or Washington. Anyhow, one digresses. The subject matter of this missive is to address a recent question posed by the Inscrutable One. He asked, “don’t you miss anything in England when you are here?”. The answer was of course “yes” and the first thing that sprang to mind apart from the gastronomic destinations that await one was a pint of good British beer, hurrah! As one should know, finding a good beer in the States is difficult despite the microbreweries that abound. Yes, Sam Adams and Yeungling are fine but can not match up to an honest pint of Harvey’s Sussex or Doom Bar.

And then today, one read of a new restaurant opening in Waterloo called Assado by Cyrus Todiwala OBE, he of Café Spice Namasté. It sounds an intriguing mix of Potuguese, Brazilian and Indian. One’s tastebuds are atingle and one has realised that one also misses a really tasty curry. One will be whizzing down to try Assado as soon as one lands back in blighty and it has gone onto the wish list which is now getting worse than the task of painting the Forth Bridge because as soon as one gets to the bottom, one must start at the top again and the list is longer.

Assado is opening on March 1st and maybe Sir Cosmo or Guiffart will be able to regale one of its delights before one’s return.

157 Waterloo Road
Tel: 020 7870 2747

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