Delaunay delivers – 8/10


Mes amis, a treat of which to regale you. One’s American chums Cranleigh and Tomasino arrived in Londinium recently on one of their jaunts across the pond. They asked for a suggestion on a suitable eatery for a Sunday evening and were staying at the Waldorf. One came up with The Delaunay, a self styled European café just a stone’s throw away . One had not personally eaten there but it has been on your Doctor’s wish list for eons.

Fortescue joined myself and eigth other friends of Tomasino and Cranleigh. One kept one’s fingers crossed that it would not disappoint. Fortescue and I arrived early and waited in the cocktail bar which is an up-market affair with black and white tiles and green leather banquettes. The style of the restaurant is French brasserie meets American cocktail bar with dark polished wood and low lights. The effect is quite alluring in the evening.

The menu is eclectic and most enticing with many European dishes to choose from. Steak tartare, hotdogs, Hungarian goulash and smoked salmon bagels. One can even have kedgeree! Full marks for originality of the menu. Then there are oysters, a simple omelette or wiener schnitzel.  Really! what a cornucopia! The prices were reasonable too.

The waiter came to take our drinks orders. He took two and strode off. We called him back for the other four orders. He took two more and strode off again. We called him back yet again! Harrumph! What a palaver.

All on our table decided for just one main course. One ordered Hungarian Goulash. Others on one’s table selected Wiener schnitzel and beef stroganoff. The ambiance was superb, the service was efficient but not perfect. One’s goulash was excellent. Full of flavoursome, succulent and tender beef with a certain piquancy provided by the paprika and maybe some cayenne pepper? One will never know. A slight anomaly was the addition of butternut squash to the stew which was a novel idea but didn’t quite work for your dear doctor.

Others effused about their dishes. The stroganoff was “superb” and the schnitzel was “cooked to perfection”.  No one elected to have dessert despite the tempting offerings from the Konditorei such as dobos torte or apple strudel. It was such a tempting menu it was hard to refuse. It will have to wait for next time and one can assure you my dear readers that one will be returning.

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The Delaunay
55 Aldwych

Tel: +44 020 7499 8558


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