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  1. I don’t have a major objection to traditional tipping, perhaps because I’m an American and got used to it a long time ago. What I do resent is going into a trendy bakery and/or grocery store and being asked to fork over a tip when using a credit or debit card. The software very “helpfully” makes tip suggestions starting at 15% and makes it so easy to check one of the tip boxes before you move on to signing the invoice. You barely have to think. How handy.

    Why do I resent this? Simple. I see absolutely no reason to tip someone who simply is handing you a loaf of designer bread without more. And, to top it off, the store clerk is standing right in front of you with an ingratiating smile while another customer is standing right behind you looking over your shoulder to see just how much you have left. I actually consider it a form of extortion.

    Solution: Use cash.

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