Ne m’oubliez pas

So, here it is mes amis. One’s first post in many moons. One has been…ahem…..away. Not to the clink or anything suspect but on a few extended trips to see the delights of the USA, France, Spain, Italy and Croatia.

One was shocked to find that some of one’s chums asked whether the blogging was finished and as one was busy finishing off a rather good claret at the time I considered this somewhat impertinent. So, one has decided to build the olde database with some of the more interesting restaurants that one visited on one’s journey and will publish short summaries of any establishments considered either worthy or worth avoiding!

The last trip was with one’s trusty chum Fortescue.  As all regular readers will be aware he was of course looking to eat steak and chips or Boeuf Bourgignon in lieu or the usual pork pie and shepherd’s pie. As always, if you like that sort of thing then you should look at the restaurants that he likes by choosing the Fortescue filter under “chum’s choices” from the menu just …up the top. Of course if you consider your tastes to be somewhat more epicurean then check out some of the other chums. Sir Cosmo is good for new and excellent restaurants whilst Guiffart knows all the new, trendy and hip newcomers.

So without further ado…our last French trip went as follows:

London – Chartres – Clermont Ferrrand – Montpellier – Nimes – St. Tropez – Trigance – Annecy – Besancon – Colmar – Strasbourg – Lille – London.

Our Spanish trip was:

London – Chartres – Laguiole – Cuenca – Valencia – Segovia – Leon –  Santillana del Mar – San Sebastian – Bilbao – London

Our US trip:

Washington -Blue Ridge Mountains – Ashville – Charlotte – Charleston – St. Augustin – Savannah – Fort Lauderdale

So, if you are considering visiting any of these wonderful locations watch out for the blogs over the next couple of weeks which might give you an idea of where you should eat….or not. So for those who thought your dear Doctor was gone, one hopes he has not been forgotten or as they say in Franceland “ne m’oubliez pas!”.

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  1. Mr T, just great to meet up yesterday, your current occupation seems to suit you perfectly. Must try to do a ‘proper’ Pre-Christmas get together. I will forward the case notes for the Bank saga early next week. Kindest Regards, Henry

  2. Welcome back! The doctor is on duty again.

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