What say you dear readers?

PeachesOne has added a new area ..just there to the right… where one’s readers can comment on your Doctor’s reviews. One would be delighted to hear more from one’s chums. Also, any new discoveries would be more than welcome as the Doctor is alas not omnipotent.. One looks forward to hearing from you. Of course…no smuttiness please dear readers. Peachy!

Categories: Anecdotes

4 replies

  1. I am off on hols and this reminds me of fresh peach daquaris when I lived in Georgia!

    Add peaches to cream cheese in a crossant and devour with a glass of orange juice and champagne, the only way to go😍

  2. Didn’t realise there was a station named after Dr. Lunch in Valencia (well, Dr. Lluch — must have been a long lunch…) http://tinyurl.com/ovgjj3x

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