The Doctor is an Anglophile – 8.5/10 -£££

So, one has been travelling. A lot! Through cathedral cities of France to monastic Spanish Paradores, to the pintxo bars of San Sebastian and the artistic delights of Bilbao. From Washington DC down through the Blue Ridge mountains to Florida via the wonderful Charleston, Savannah and St. Augustine. So one missed one’s favourite eateries in London and has not been able to keep up with the plethora of new openings.

Sir Cosmo on the other hand has been busy building a list of places for your dear Doctor to visit. So it was that he insisted on going to Anglo near Farringdon in London. This was not a difficult offer to take up. Dear friends, Sir Cosmo knows his stuff and Anglo is a delight. Mark Jarvis and Jack Cashmore (the owners) really care about their food. It’s not exactly the most elegant of eateries but the food more than compensates. Hand churned butter with sourdough bread was delicious as was everything one ate. Cod, Girolles, pork with broad beans…sumptuous. The wines are bit pricey and it’s not a cheap place for lunch but oh…what a super find. Well done Sir Cosmo and well done too to Frobisher who accompanied us to help drink the wine. So one is glad to be back and happy to find Anglo. The Doctor really is an Anglophile.

P.S. and then there was Frenchie’s in Covent Garden the week before..hmm another time methinks..

30 St. Cross St. London, EC1N 8UH
020 7430 1530




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