Eat at Joes? – 7/10 – ££

So Fortescue and I arrived in Vancouver and whizzed off to catch the last half of the England vs Wales rugger match. Alas, not a good idea and it may well be the kiss of death to the England team’s fortunes in the World Cup. Pah! It was a shame that the plane had not been delayed.

Fortunately, we had a dinner reservation at Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House. That cheered us up. Two dry martinis Steak tartare and a juicy, flavoursome New York Strip washed down with a bottle of Zinfandel. Harrumph! I hear you say American steakhouse. Yes, I know these American style eateries (even in Canada) can be something out of a restaurant kit bag. Joe Fortes is no exception. However, it was buzzy and it was fun. The bartender was full of enthusiasm and mixed a superb dry martini. “is 3 ounces ok?” She had asked. One felt like asking her if she had ever ordered a martini in England….

The restaurant has been there for 29 years so it is doing something right. It is not a top restaurant but it was all we needed. If you are in Vancouver then this is worth a prod and if you are feeling more adventurous then there is always the Alaskan King Crab after all it does have Seafood in its title.

Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House
777 Thurlow St.
British Columbia
V6 3V5

Tel: +1 604 669 1940

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