It’s all gone fishy again

After a long wait, the new Brady’s fish and chip emporium opened quietly last week. It is a triumph. Keeping the character of the old smaller restaurant and the convivial, lively atmosphere.  The addition of some “communal” bench tables is quite a wheeze. With Luke buzzing around like a busy bee service was still somewhat slow. No doubt this will be rectified once they get used to their new home. Brady’s still serves up some of the best freshly battered fish in London. Although your dear Doctor still is unsure about the chips which come out rather too dry. However wine flowed and all one’s chums enjoyed their evening. See the Doctors previous review. All the same comments still apply.

Brady’s Fish Restaurant

Jews Row,
off Smugglers Way
SW18 1DG

Tel: 020 8870 5918

Categories: Budget (£), English, Fortescue, Private! - Dr. Lunch only


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  1. Rather kind in view of the Very slow service, but undoubtedly will improve somewhat and I wish Luke every success.

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