M. Beaudoin says “Chabrot” – Now closed



One’s chum, Philippe La Rochefoucauld from over La Manche in Paris has spotted an article in his local rag where one of my erstwhile restaurant reviewers, Maurice Beaudoin has suggested that Chabrot is “a little bit of France in London”. Well M. Beaudoin looks a jolly fellow and so one will take him at his word. Dear me, how did one miss it? Here is the link to the original article – Chabrot.

For those of one’s chums not able to decipher the article; suffice to say this French gastronome was rather impressed at this traditional take on a French bistro in London and also thinks it is rather good value. One has placed it on the wish list and will try it out without further ado and report back.

9 Knightsbridge Green,


Tel: +44 20 7225 2238

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  1. Ok book I am a willing guinea pig! Sent by Stephen Minall The Maven at Moving Food Ltd 07734 454252 http://www.movingfood.com

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