Down by the Riverside

A large dose of culture is always a boon to one’s libido even though the old grey matter might be somewhat more pickled these days.  So, in cahoots with Fortescue one abandoned the big smoke of olde London towne and ventured to Houghton Hall to see the reinstalled masterpieces from St. Petersburg. Fortescue and I picked up my old chum Sir Hubert Peckersniff on the way and he joined our excursion. Sir Hubert of course being an ex ambassador for Britain was a man of discernment and had chosen our eatery. But of course before visiting the great paintings we lunched in the olde market towne of King’s Lynn which hosts the Riverside restaurant.

It was once again a glorious English summer day and the restaurant, as it’s name suggests, is perched right alongside the Great Ouse River. The interior is old oak beams and it has a quaint old-fashioned feel. The Riverside Restaurant is the best that King’s Lynn has to offer apart from a curry or kebab. It serves bistro type food for a reasonable £13 for a two course lunch. Shrimp and leek tart is their signature starter. It was tasty but lacking in shrimp. Harrumph! Fortescue’s sautéed button mushrooms had a glutinous appearance but he seemed pleased (but then he always is!). Sir Hubert munched away, enjoyed his prawn cocktail. Main courses were a little disappointing with the Seafood gratinée sadly lacking any real content despite the fact that somewhere in the white pool which lurked beneath the topping there was cod, haddock and salmon. Fortescue and Peckersniff had scampi which was ….scampi. Service was pleasant but a bit slow due to only one member of staff seemingly handling everything at the front of house. One must temper one’s expectations in that this is King’s Lynn. Alas, the world was not set on fire and we had to whizz off before dessert to make our entrance time to the great exhibition which had lured us to this part of olde Englande. Not a triumph then, but the chaps seemed happy and the exhibition was a triumph, one really should return to these parts more often.

The Riverside Restaurant
27 King Street
King’s Lynn
PE30 1ET
Tel: 01553 773134

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  1. And theres me slave at work sipping espresso’s and eating cake! Some get to live it up..🍷

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