La Belle France

One has wended one’s way from blighty to the sunny paradise of St. Tropez on the Cote d’Azur where one is the guest of one’s chums Maximillian Vadeboncoeur and Philippe La Rochefoucauld. With Fortescue in tow, one’s trek southwards meandered through the glorious vineyards of Champagne, Beaune and Provence. The old sharabang is now laden with fine wine from various towns visited along the way. Wine has been purloined from the respective towns of Chablis, Meursault, Nuits St. Georges, Puligny Montrachet and Chateauneuf du Pape. One would also have bought cheese in St. Maure (a glorious goat’s cheese) and Epoisse (not for the faint hearted!). However a motor vehicle reeking of cheese would not be good in twenty eight degrees of sunshine. Naturellement mes amis, one had some fine meals en route. The most notable of which were in the brasserie of the Hotels les Crayeres in Reims where one ate some marvellous rognons de veau in mustard sauace. Next Le Cheval Noir in Beaune and the Michelin starred Christian Etienne in Avignon next to the Palais des Papes which was sublime and had Michelin starred prices. All can be wholeheartedly recommended and one wil say no more. Most interesting was Le Café du Federation in Lyon. One of the famous “bouchons” of Lyon which originally served food to chauffeurs and such. Fortescue tried the andouilette saucisson and was alas not able to eat it all. For the uninitiated this consists of chitterlings rolled together in the form of a sausage. The meal was a set meal and one started with frisee au lardons, followed by one’s main course which one had selected. Then on had a cheese board from which one could eat as much as one wished. The Saint Marcellin was excellent. Desserts were fairly standard French fare. The good news is that it was cheap. The bad news is that it seemed to have become a tourist destination with few locals and one felt that one received the attention appropriate to one of many tourists. One would not recommend it except for the experience and one fears that there might be other bouchons that might serve better quality food.

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  1. What a task writting up reviews, here I am in Ireland tasting Xmas stuffing recipes for Waitrose! Try swigging that lot down with guinness by the pint…

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