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The Doctor’s finest of 2014

Naturellement, everyone is doing a retrospective at this time of year. Mes amis! one will not be outdone. So let’s whizz through some of the Doctor’s gastronomic highlights to set your taste buds atingle. Should I visit any of your favourites next year? Maybe you… Read More ›

Budapest treat – Costes 10/10

Budapest would not necessarily be one’s first place to seek a fine dining experience. When Hungarian food is mentioned one thinks of goulash, salami, paprika and foie gras.  Naturally,  Hungarian food can be extremely tasty as cook would testify. She is half Hungarian herself and knows… Read More ›

France – la conclusion!

Now, where were we? Ah yes…Bordeaux. From here one pointed the sharabang north to the highly attractive seaport of La Rochelle in the Bay of Biscay. Arriving in glorious sunshine we sought out Le Bar Andre, a fishy eatery that has been here since 1947. A man… Read More ›

Tour de France – Part deux

The Tour de France continued throughout September. Four weeks of girth enhancing gourmandary and unlike the real Tour de France…. no drugs!! Apologies to one’s loyal followers, the excursion took it’s toll and has severely hampered one’s posts. However, one visited many interesting eateries which should interest one’s… Read More ›

La Belle France

One has wended one’s way from blighty to the sunny paradise of St. Tropez on the Cote d’Azur where one is the guest of one’s chums Maximillian Vadeboncoeur and Philippe La Rochefoucauld. With Fortescue in tow, one’s trek southwards meandered… Read More ›

Not jaded at all

One’s chum, Sir Cosmo Longstaff is on his travels and has sent this daguerreotype of his meal at Le Jade, a Vietnamese restaurant in Cannes, in Southern France. Just up from La Croisette. One knows that this is his favourite in Cannes… Read More ›

Trulli Scrumptious

Well, one is delighted to have received another missive from McWeedle whilst on tour en famille in the colonies. He has kindly submitted this review which makes one wish one could hop on a magic carpet right away. Dear Dr… Read More ›

Dead Cow

One encourages ones chums to inform one of any new eateries that have given one pleasure. McWeedle, who is gallavanting in the colony of the USA has sent me this missive with a scrumptious illustration of the rarest of large,… Read More ›


Gadzooks! Dearest gourmands, apologies. One has been remiss and omitted to regale you of one’s recent visit to The Old Ebbit Grill in Washington DC. ’tis located but a hop, skip and jump from the President’s House. Alas, I fear… Read More ›