Dead Cow

One encourages ones chums to inform one of any new eateries that have given one pleasure. McWeedle, who is gallavanting in the colony of the USA has sent me this missive with a scrumptious illustration of the rarest of large, juicy steaks. Apologies to all those non meat eaters…really. These American chaps really do steak rather well. Here is McW’s letter…Keep them coming dear friends. One is not quite sure of his mention of modern gadgetry, it has left me behind…McW. on the other hand is a gadget meister.

Dear Dr L,

 We have come across an establishment worth commenting on in Utah:  Jeffrey’s Steakhouse, Moab, Utah
We came across Jeffrey’s Steakhouse quite by accident, with the aid of nothing more sophisticated than the AroundMe app, as we arrived in Moab, which is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, though ‘nowhere’ does have some of the most remarkable scenery on the planet, being, as it is, in the ‘badlands’ of western US of A.
The thing here is the beef – organic, local and Wagyu. I had a 12 oz filet while protege no.1 had a 16 oz New York Strip (pictured) – a truly awesome hunk of dead cow, lean, seared to perfection and tender as geisha nursemaid.  I enjoyed my filet with a glass of Seghesio Zinfandel of indeterminate vintage (in honour of the Ridge Geyserville’s we have enjoyed together of course!).  The experience was further enhanced by Pam, the wonderful server who, though she denied it, is undoubtedly, by looks and accent, the sister of Jack Nicklaus!!  The bill (‘check’, I believe in the local lingo although one would of course never use such a vulgar term) was a third of what I was expecting, rather rounding off a splendid evening.
Now, I feel rather sleepy.


Large rare steak


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