Squids in

image“One simply must eat the squid” effused Pettigrew, “it’s excellent and it’s not that calamari rubbish”. When it comes to food, Pettigrew is an expert. He boasts a stomach to prove it! As you know dear readers, the enticement of a new dining venue is never one to be put off for your dear Doctor. And so to Il Posto, restaurante Italiano opposite the Apollo theatre in olde London’s Victoria.

Luca, the maitre d’, greeted one with a big smile and a friendly welcome despite this being the Doctor’s first visit. All the staff were charming in this no frills Italian. A welcome change from the grunts of the staff at McSpigget’s.  Emsworth was already seated and as usual was ready for a large glass of red. Emsworth loves his wine. We ordered the squid to share as a starter. The squid, NOT calamari, one is referring to REAL SQUID (see dagguerotype) was fried in garlic and olive oil and evoked memories of Venice, Tuscany and the Grand Tour. Oh for a glorious Italian lake and some summer sunshine, unlike this tempestuous English weather. This was a sumptuous dish which is only on the menu “when fresh” attested our server.  What standards! Cook, really must become more continental in her cooking..but alas she loves here traditional English fare, poor dear.

Next, the Spaghetti Vongole was a disappointment. Good but not the best. One got the impression there were more clam shells than clams… an Italian trompe d’oeil? Alas, some work is needed here one feels. However, other dishes that were served around us looked tempting. Fish in particular seemed popular.

“Re vera, potas bene!” I said to Emsworth. He toasted me, harrumphed and ordered another bottle of red which was corked. The waiter immediately replaced it without question. Hurrah! One was so impressed by the genial staff and Luca that we have determined to return and soon! This may become a regular haunt of  your dear Doctor.

Vinum bonum laetificat cor hominis as the say! 


316a Vauxhall Bridge Road
Tel: 020 7834 5270

Categories: London, Private! - Dr. Lunch only, Stable (££)

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