Chez moi and cook’s treat

Oft times one need not venture past one’s own doorstep to sample sumptuous fare. Your Doctor has the dastardly good fortune to have cook in residence. She’s an absolute treasure but one mustn’t let her know lest she asks for an increase in her stipend.

Last week she watched a young celebrity chef (James Martin) in the town square of Olde Squiffington where she goes to meet her ailing sister. By all accounts he was rather impressive. So back she came, full of enthusiasm and cooked up a right ding dong of a feast. Slow cooked pork belly with Bramley apple and Sage stuffing, followed by Apple Charlotte and custard. Delightful crispy crackling on the pork belly and apples oozing out of the middle of the apple charlotte. Egad, one almost died on the spot, the taste was too much to bear. Heaven was calling one is sure!

Dear readers, you will be happy to hear that one gave great praise and asked her to make sure she put the recipes on her page. (Look above, if you haven’t seen her tab).  So now one advises you all to sully forth and visit your butcher for a prime piece of Pork Belly and some British apples. As they say, home is where the heart is.

And of course, this would not have been a satisfactory feast without a very good wine. Indeed, your doctor savoured a rather luscious bottle of Italian Poggio alla Guardia from Tuscany. Rare for one to commend the Italians on anything.

In vino veritas!

Italian Red wine bottle

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