Trulli Scrumptious

Well, one is delighted to have received another missive from McWeedle whilst on tour en famille in the colonies. He has kindly submitted this review which makes one wish one could hop on a magic carpet right away.

Dear Dr L

Apologies, I had not thought I would be reporting again from the (former) western colonies. However, I am forced to do so by the excellence of an Italian trattoria in the town of Encinitas, situated between San Diego and Los Angeles on the southern Californian coast.
Should you or your subscribers find yourself in this delightfully hip little surfing enclave, I insist you visit “I Trulli”, where the waiters are suave, charming and offhand in that way that only the genuinely Italien can manage.
Having selected Cotoletto Milanese, and being informed that there would be absolutely no chance of any variation in the way it would be served (I had misguidedly enquired if the dish would be accompanied by spaghetti), I knew immediately this was an establishment of Neapolitan authenticity never before experienced by your correspondant in the ‘land of excess’.
As with all genuinely great Italian meals it was hard to pinpoint exactly why it was so delicious: the ripeness of the chopped tomatoes? The succulence of the veal? The crispiness of the breading? The peppar tang of the leaves or bold ripeness of the tomatoes? It was, perhaps, the combination of all these things plus “un po ‘di magia” that only great Italian food can boast.
Just two rather peripheral elements gave away that this was southern California and not the back streets of Siena… the lack of vintages listed with an extensive wine list, and the description of rucola as “arugula”. Nevertheless, the Negro Barberesco ’08 selected by Mrs McW and the “rocket” (as we English know it) were both up to the task and a return visit is most definitely planned prior to catching the big-bird back back to Blighty.
McWeedle, con famiglia

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