No lame duck


Cricket? Does that remind one of ducks when England play? One jests, despite this lame connection to your dear Doctor’s visit to Drakes, this locale was no lame duck. An up-market, chic and refined eatery in the midst of olde Surrey. Despite it being home to the much heralded stockbroker belt, a good eatery is hard to find in this part of the country. So it was that Fotheringay and his gorgeous wife Hermione invited oneself and Fortescue to a celebratory luncheon.

White linen and beamed walls and ceilings were easy on the eye and lent a modern air to this antique establishment. However, the waiting staff were overegging their expertise when asking about an aperitif. Fotheringay trumped the young fella with a request for a Kir.  “Kir Royale?” he bleated. “No!” asserted Fotheringay “a KIR made with bourgogne aligoté”. Alas, the poor young chap was ignorant of such notions and repeated “Kir Royale?” and when it was once again explained and he was left clueless, he reacted in a rather condescending tone. Buffoon!  A turn at McSpiggets would knock that out of him, now there’s a tavern with really rough customers who know what they want.

Next, a shock. The price of luncheon in this tiny suburban setting was 60 guineas for three courses! (à la carte of course, no set lunch for your dear Doctor)

But…gadzooks! A real surprise was afoot. We received our pre-starter, amuse bouche and then to the starter which I captured with my daguerreotype but one would much rather have painted it. The food adorning the plates was painted by Miro and flavoured by Ambrosia herself. One was delighted with the quail starter with accompanying corn, cavollo nero, foie gras and rhubarb! A delight! Das war ausgezeichnet, one exclaimed to  the gathered company in recognition of Fotheringays’ incredible command of German linguistics. One followed with veal which was superb and very gratifying and after our pre-dessert which contained a delightful melon foam one finally finished with British cheese, presented elegantly before us.

Fotheringay was not so enamoured on this visit and we noticed that the service was somewhat remiss for an establishment with such high pretensions.

However, your dear Doctor can forgive them. This is a place of which no one will be made aware. Your dear doctor will return for a further adventure with his chums!

The Clock House,
High Street,
GU23 6AQ
Tel: 01483 224777

Categories: Mild Shock (£££), Outside London, Private! - Dr. Lunch only

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