21 today!! No not one’s age

A brief sojourn abroad I find is good for the soul and broadens one’s outlook. So it is that I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the great city of New York. It is, dear readers, not for the first time that one has ventured to these shores and one would like to share with you one of the city’s most venerable eateries namely the 21 club. The colourful, miniature jockeys lined up outside on the steps tell you that this will be an experience like no other. Step back in tune and breathe in the heady atmosphere. Never has it failed to impress with it’s fusty old fashioned interior and plastic models suspended from the ceiling. Over the years this eatery has hosted many Grandees and celebrities. The staff hail from an era of attentive old fashioned service. One’s lunch was excellent as ever and the Grand Marnier souffle was a joyful indulgence. Visit and it will not disappoint. On to the next culinary extravagance!! Gentlemen, please note that a strict dress code is enforced, hurrah!

21 West 52nd Street
New York


Categories: Mild Shock (£££), Outside the UK, Private! - Dr. Lunch only

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