Goring, Goring, Goring, Hurrah!!

What a pleasure to partake of luncheon on the terrace of the Goring Hotel. One might consider oneself bewitched to be seated in an oasis of calm midst the bustle of a calamitous major city such as Londinium. Truly, this is the dining place of gentlemen and so it was that I was fortunate to eat the most delicious lobster omelette that exists on earth washed down with the odd glass of Ardeche from Monsieur Louis Latour. Please see my tipples page for my thoughts on this delicious wine.  Heavens above, what godly creature dreamt of this. Dear readers, the Goring continues to live up to its reputation as an hotel of exquisite beauty. Please stay away, please please leave me to this oasis with my chums.


The Goring Hotel
Beeston Place

Categories: English, London, Mild Shock (£££), Private! - Dr. Lunch only, Top Choices - London

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