Good heavens! Why the deuce would one adopt “The Grazing Goat” as the name for an hostelry of good repute. Whatever next? “The Munching Rabbit”, “The Sniggering Tadpole”. Gone are the days of the “Queen’s Head” or the plain old “Red Lion”.

The Grazing Goat is an old inn now converted into a Gastronomic Public eating and drinking emporium on two floors near the grand Marble Arch which stood outside Her Majesty’s front door until 1851. It has an interesting, if somewhat expensive menu and it’s positively reverberating with local professionals out for a ribald time.

Your dear Doctor was on his third encounter with this establishment and tucked into a fine plate of Romney lamb from Kent which was very good. This was preceded by Chilli squid which in Doctor Lunch’s book still needs some work. Cook need not worry here!

One is sadly on the fence with the Grazing Goat which has not yet munched its way into the Doctor’s heart. It’s therefore for tout-le-monde  and definitely not off limits to those choose to graze here.


6 New Quebec Street

Tel: 020 7724 7243

Categories: A tout le monde, English, London

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