Gadzooks! Dearest gourmands, apologies. One has been remiss and omitted to regale you of one’s recent visit to The Old Ebbit Grill in Washington DC. ’tis located but a hop, skip and jump from the President’s House. Alas, I fear they don’t wish to attract him. Your dear doctor dined here with his colonial chums and Fortescue was also in attendance. Alas, this eatery is always recommended by guides and panders to the whims of the lowest denominator. Barn-like, lacking class or finesse and as noisy as McSpigget’s tavern on a weekend in olde London towne. It serves expected colonial fare (steak etc..) but one suggest avoiding this in favour of The Capital Grill which is nearby. Dear friends, leave this to the plebiscites.

Categories: A tout le monde, Outside the UK

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